Digital Portfolio


"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty"

 ~ Author Unknown 

The Doctoral program in Educational Administration at St. John’s University in Oakdale, NY, enabled me to acquire scholarly knowledge, technical skills, intellectual curiosity and legal and ethical awareness in order to make a positive contribution in the organization and administration of public and nonpublic schools. The program provided me with the expertise to be well grounded in theory to support my efforts to deal with varied issues and problems in the school setting and to make innovative contributions to the reform and restructuring of current educational practice.  ~as described on the St. John's University website


This digital portfolio is in fulfillment of requirements of the Doctoral Program.  In this portfolio you will find five folios as follows:

Personal: The personal folio includes a brief biography, my family and my interests.

Professional:  The professional folio includes my CV and my philosophy of education.

Learner:  The learner folio includes information about my doctoral work, projects, related readings and a course synthesis for each.  

Expert:  The expert folio includes selected projects and initiatives that demonstrate how education has influenced my professional life.

Scholar:  The scholar folio includes a program synthesis, professional readings and  preliminary work for my dissertation.

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