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The chrysalis stage can last from a few weeks to a month or even longer. In the case of the educational leader, the knowledge gained through all stages of the metamorphosis should be utilized so that the leader can be most effective as a true expert for many years to come. 

The Doctoral Program at St. John's University has afforded me the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to become an effective administrative leader. The readings, coupled with the class discussions, taught me a great deal about influential leaders and theorists and the impact that they have on community building and sustainable leadership.  After each course, I tried to incorporate lessons learned in my coursework at St. John's into my professional life as principal.  

The challenges at St. Dominic High School were many.  Sustained leadership was, and continues to be, instrumental in my success after its planned change.  Philosophically I truly believe that educational growth is imperative for teachers.  Keeping current with trends and applying new ideas in a world where technology is rapidly changing is important.  Teachers always need to be encouraged, supported and exposed to new ideas and new methods.  Affording them the opportunities to develop professionally and spiritually is a priority.  I strive to foster an environment which encourages my faculty to act as moral and educational role models to their students.  As an administrator, I attempt to provide a climate conducive to doing so within the confines of the school building by applying my knowledge learned, love, and hope for the future.  

Professional Development

In March of 2012 after taking a class with Dr. Frank Smith, I presented to my faculty the concept of "flipping the class".  I'm happy to report that several tried it!  We also started a Virtual On-Line program so that a student can take virtually any class they desire. (powerpoint presentation part 1part 2part 3)

In an effort to constantly strive to raise our academic expectations and scores as well as addressing the new Common Core Curriculum, professional development days are held to encourage dialogue so as to work collaboratively.  (powerpoint presentation)

Student Development

One of my priorities has been to educate the whole student.  This education has included presentations and assemblies teaching them about outside forces that affect their role in society.  Listed are some of the topics and assemblies that we have had at St. Dominic High School in the last several years. 

Faculty Personal Development

The following are books that I and my faculty have read and modeled as part of my faculty “summer reading” gift as I feel it is important to continuously grow professionally and personally.  Each of these books represented a different phase of my planned change.  Good to Great was the first book read and in the fall when we returned the common theme was that you were "either on the bus or off the bus".  That seemed to drive the momentum for the biggest year of change.  The following summer we read Who Moved My Cheese? as the faculty and staff watched the monumental changes around them and needed to understand that although their cheese was moved, they were still an integral part of the operation.  Last summer we read The Energy Bus which was an uplifting, motivational book after several years of change and now the time to move forward together.  



The Future 

As we move forward at St. Dominic High School I periodically update my “Wish List” and goals.  Due to the good fortune of generous donors, (Newsday article) I was instrumental in designing a new Science/Communications Center for the 2012-2013 Academic School Year from floor plans to a new comprehensive curriculum.  Included in this new endeavor was the coordination of a first-time partnership with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Dolan DNA Learning Center allowing our students first rate, hands-on research with the scientists from this world renowned laboratory.  In the near future our virtual classroom will allow our students to communicate with those all over the world.  A foreign language lab is waiting to open.

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