Professional Folio 

The next stage is the larva or caterpillar.  When the egg hatches, the caterpillar eats the leaf it was born onto.  The type of leaf the mother lays its eggs on is important as it must be one that the caterpillar will eat.  The professional folio represents the leaves on which my professional foundation is born upon.  As I grew as a doctoral student, my professional foundation grew with the knowledge learned and the insight gained.   



Almost all of my years have been spent in a classroom ~ many of which I was the student.  My passion for learning has been life long.  As my children worked their way through elementary and high schools, I worked my way through a Bachelor's degree in Accounting followed by a Master's degree in Secondary Education in Mathematics.  

My teaching journey began as a Mathematics teacher at Notre Dame School in New Hyde Park, NY.  ( While at Notre Dame I conducted  workshops for Math teachers throughout the Diocese of Rockville Centre where I was able to share my passion for teaching, learning and math.  After four years I transitioned to the high school level when I moved to Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, NY.   (www.sacredheartacademyhempstead.orgIt was at both of these fine institutions that I grew professionally and realized that I desired to again return to the role of student so I furthered my education with a second master's degree, this time in administration.  The granting of that degree helped me to obtain a position as Disciplinary Dean at St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, NY.   (  After two years a change in administration afforded me the opportunity to accept a position as Principal. 


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