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   Past and Current Positions

         Notre Dame School, New Hyde Park, NY

         Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead, NY

         St. Dominic High School, Oyster Bay, NY

   Educational Philosophy

   Curriculum Vitae



         EDU 5571 Advanced Leadership in School  

         EDU 5743 Educational Planning

         EDU 7801 Digital Portfolio

   Organizational Theory

         EDU 5105 Multicultural Social Organization

         EDU 5419 Advanced Study in Organizational Theory

   Policy and Politics

         EDU 5103 Educational Governance and Policy

         EDU 5420 Politics in Education

         EDU 5721 Collective Bargaining

   Management Science

         EDU 5650 School Based Data Analysis

         EDU 5655 Data Analysis

         EDU 5741 Economics/Finance of Education

         EDU 7211 Data Analysis II – Statistics

   Research Methodology

         EDU 7701 Development in Instructional Strategies

         EDU 7900  Qualitative Research: Method and Analysis

         EDU 7800/7901 Advanced Research Design


   Planned Change

   Professional Development

         Powerpoint Presentation on Flipped Lesson part 1, part 2, part 3

         Powerpoint Presentation on Common Core

   Student Development

         Ryan’s Story

         Rachel’s Challenge

         Internet Safety by Nassau County DA Rice

         Drug Assembly article

         Breast Cancer Awareness

   Faculty Personal Development

   The Future

         Newsday Article

         Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center


   Program Synthesis

   100 Research Websites

   Doctoral Program Booklist

   Template for Analyzing the Logic of an Article

   Theorist Framework

   Data Analysis Conceptual Framework

   Doctoral Comprehensive Digital Portfolio Exam Application

   IRB Application

   Doctoral Portfolio Assessment

   Dissertation Components

   Outline of Dissertation Topic

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